Prepared for EVERY Chicago storm.

Diaz Group thinks about snow and ice control 365 days a year in Chicago. We are always looking to grow our operation and provide the best service for our customers. Our first priority is on-time and professional service.That is why Diaz Group only works with customers who are responsible and serious about the safety and liability of their properties. Tailoring to customer needs, we offer various de-icing agents such as CMA, calciums, liquid de-icers and much more.

We service: 

  • townhome associations
  • industrial facilities
  • condominium boards
  • retail locations
  • apartment complexes
  • commercial facilities
  • roofdeck parking areas

We offer:

  • Snow plowing (equipment with rubber blades upon request)
  • De-icing (rock salt - CMA - calcium chloride - liquid treatments - organic - pet friendly)
  • Snow relocation (on-site hauling)

Snow Removal Projects

Fast & Efficient Chicago Snow Removal

With our fleet of skid loaders and medium size plow trucks, Diaz Group averages 1,500,000 square feet of snow cleared in a 6-8 hour period. Thats about the size of 25 football fields!

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