Annuals Are Ready to Brighten Fall Landscapes

fall landscape
Annuals Are Ready to Brighten Fall Flowerbeds

With temperatures peaking during the next few weeks, it’s a hot reminder that the relief of autumn weather is on the way. After the flowers that lasted us through the Chicago summer heat finish their grand finale, garden beds will be soon ready for fall annuals to brighten up the next season. 

Choosing Annual Blooms 

Annual blooms are the brightest and longest-lasting of each season. They are made to weather the last little stretch of the season before the one they flourish in, their primetime, and then the beginning of the next season. Annuals can also be swapped to match the nearby seasonal decor, making sidewalks more inviting and entryways more festive.

Complementing Seasonal Decor 

Seasonal color installations are among the most popular landscaping requests. Choosing flowers that build onto your existing palette with fall color schemes makes annuals a rich addition to your landscaping. You can also add grasses and foliage to your order to create depth and height in areas around the edges of your flowerbeds. 

Suggestions for a Festive Fall Bed

Combining the colors of the season with fresh blooms and foliage is sure to delight. Fall annuals are on sale now, and consultants can help you make a choice that works with your budget and your flowerbeds. Organized by color, you can use these popular buys for ideas

Oranges and Browns

  • Helianthus and Helianthoides: perennial sunflowers
  • Rudbeckia: black-eyed Susan

Reds and Purples 

  • Chrysanthemum: hardy fall mums 
  • Anemonastrum: perennial anemone hybrids

Grasses and Foliage

  • Stipa tenuissima: Mexican feather grass​​
  • Pennisetum glautum: ornamental millet
Combinations Are Key 

Annuals also make a beautiful addition to perennial beds. Adding annuals for a pop of color or reorganizing additions for placement changes can make the whole bed feel fresh and new.  A combination of the annuals and perennials can make for healthy soil and easier seasonal landscaping. 

The Diaz Group is trained in horticulture, landscaping, and hardscaping with over 100 years of combined experience. We look forward to meeting your landscaping needs and working with your seasonal color installation requests in the Chicagoland area. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.