Three Questions with Edgar Salazar

How is life living in the US compared to Venezuela?

Living in the US is like living in paradise! (laughing) All the freedom and a safer environment make a big difference. Venezuela is experiencing a big political and financial collapse for all the wrong decisions that have been happening for many years, making living not securely difficult, plus the COVID situation is not helping the country to improve the situation — the opposite, it’s making it worse. Hopefully, Venezuela can solve the internal problems and become again one of the happiest and more rich countries in the world, as it used to be a while ago.

How has life changed for you since working at Diaz Group? 

Working with Diaz Group has been a unique experience: learning and exploring new markets and a totally new industry for me, adapting my background from manufacturing and industrial environment into the grounds management. This has been challenging and also fun for me, coming from a tropical country (Venezuela) where we have zero snow, not even cold temperatures, always 80 degrees Fahrenheit, plus the different language and culture, but always with the Diaz Group support in all my crazy ideas and decisions. The family environment that I feel here working with Diaz Group helps me to overcome the fear of emigrating to a different country with no family or friends, I consider Diaz Group LLC as my Extended family in the US because every worker follows the same values and goals.

What is your proudest accomplishment in life – work or non-work-related?

I feel so blessed and proud of all the growth (spiritual and professional) that  I have been experiencing since I moved from Venezuela, being able to help financially and supporting my family and friends in Venezuela,  also experiencing the Company’s explosive expansion and growth in safety procedures, operational and systems implementation have been so gratifying in all these years working with Diaz Group as a team effort. I have big expectations of life so still learning every day, always looking on the bright side of all the experiences and failures will help me to achieve and accomplish my goals.