Three Questions With Esteban Hernandez

What’s the most challenging thing about being a mechanic for a landscaping and snow removal company?

I would say that the most challenging thing about being a mechanic for a landscape/snow removal company would be the emergency breakdowns we have. We try to prepare for the unexpected, but sometimes the emergency service calls are the most challenging because I want to get the workers back to their task as soon as possible, but I also need to do a proper repair. 

How did you get interested in this profession? 

I was initially supposed to go into architectural drafting. But graduating from high school in 2008, when the housing market crash happened, made me take a  different course in my career. I’ve always had the curiosity of wanting to take things apart, to understand better how they work. From a young age, I loved working on cars and trying to modify them, which led me to a career as a mechanic. Soon after, I wanted to learn more than just gasoline engines, and I started learning about diesel engines and hydraulic systems too.

You are known to enjoy camping and fishing when you are away from work. What’s the craziest thing that ever happened to you while you were enjoying the great outdoors?

One crazy thing that happened to me while fishing was having a small baby turtle crawl up to me and my kid. We were not sure if it was scared or lost but when we put it back in the water, it crawled back to us. We took it home and took care of it for a couple of weeks until one day, it somehow crawled out of its aquarium and we never saw it again.