How to Choose a Commercial Landscaper

commercial landscaper

Commercial Landscaper

Searching for a commercial landscaper can be a major headache for a property or building manager. You’ll likely find several companies in your area that offer this service. The trick to hiring the best commercial landscaper for your property is to determine what is most important to you. Once you’ve narrowed this down, here are a few tips on how to choose the right landscaper for your property’s needs.

Track Record

When you start your search for the best commercial landscaper, look for companies with proven track records in the commercial sector. Commercial landscape clientele such as retail, hospitality, healthcare, etc., tend to have substantially different needs and expectations than residential clients. The more experience the landscaping company has with a specific client type, the more likely they will understand and anticipate those unique needs and expectations.

Diverse Landscape Clients

Landscaping companies that work with various types of clients in different industries can provide a vast array of services and experiences. Look for companies with more than 50% of their business in the non-residential sector. Choosing a landscaping company that does most of its work in the residential sector but is open to commercial work on the side can cause issues, as the majority of any landscape specialist’s clientele will inevitably influence their focus. That’s why it’s recommended to hire a contractor that primarily works on commercial landscapes to keep your goals on track.

Flexible Service Offerings

Working with a landscape contractor that offers various services and flexible programs ensures that they will provide the precise scope of work you need for your property. This applies to landscape design-and-build, landscape maintenance, or snow and ice management. Some providers adhere to their service offerings rigidly and sacrifice flexibility to achieve economies of scale by providing the same service to as many customers as possible. Although this can be seen as a successful business model, it forces customers to conform to the provider’s scope instead of the other way around.

Why Diaz?

Diaz Group, LLC has provided services to commercial, industrial, state, and municipal clientele since it began operating in 2006. Additionally, Diaz Group prides itself on two-way communication. They build relationships by asking questions and educating their clients about available options and best practices. If you’re looking for a trusted, reliable commercial landscaping company, contact Diaz Group, LLC today for your next landscaping project!