How Commercial Landscaping Reflects Your Business

If you want your business to stand out from the rest of the competition around Chicago, consider the impact your landscaping has on customer perception and your brand reputation.  The first and last impressions of your business are formed when people see your landscaping, and it’s in these few moments of attention that your landscaping can make or break how people see your business.

Landscape Impressions

Once a customer has formed a first impression, you can’t go back and rewrite the narrative. Just as you would spend time and energy perfecting your look or style for an important meeting, a wedding, or a presentation, your landscaping is the look of your business. What customers see should create a feeling that lasts, and preferably, one that includes emotions of trust, security, and acceptance. The initial impression of a commercial landscape should be welcoming and inviting. It should draw consumers in and create a desire to see or learn more about your business.

There are different design styles that you can use to create the perfect impression, and it’s best not to mix these styles if you want to present a clear representation of your company. Natural, informal, and formal are three options you can choose from. Select one that reflects your business and how you want to be perceived by your customers. Precision or detail-oriented industries like finance or engineering can use clean lines and well-trimmed hedges to show control. Colorful flowers can be reflective of your energetic products and services. Natural scrubs and muted tones can reflect tranquility or rest, which are ideal for hotels or spas.

Landscape Impact

High-quality landscapes create the idea that your company is successful and professional. Untidy or monotonous landscapes deter customers and present a business that doesn’t care. Decisions made about your company before a customer walks through the door can sabotage sales and new customer growth.

Professional Landscape Help

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