4 Tips for Creating a Compelling Commercial Landscape

compelling commercial landscape

Do you enjoy the sight of a manicured commercial landscape property as much as we do? It communicates to potential clients that you pay attention to the details of your business. At Diaz Group, LLC, we are the people who make sure that all of those details are well maintained. We know what makes for a compelling commercial landscape.

1. Does It Work with the Structure?

One of the first considerations for designing an impressive landscape is how the grounds complement the building. What combination of the two generates the most curb appeal? Once you’re able to narrow this down, you can add drama to the front entrance with careful color and texture choices or line the property’s driveway with lines of trees and shrubs. No matter what you decide, it’s essential to ensure that your property’s interior and exterior accentuate the building. This includes adding beauty through green walls, interior plant designs, and adding excitement to courtyards and atriums.

2. Does It Send Your Message?

Remember that your landscape is a reflection of your business’s ethos. We like to help you consider how you can use your property to visually augment your mission statement. A good fitting for a spa might be a circular driveway with a fountain. A law firm might prefer a more formal manicured hedge. No matter what industry your business is in, make sure the aesthetic and your brand align with one another.

3. Does It Draw People In?

People like to be in the presence of warmth. This might be anything from a bed of blue violets to benches to a lighting system running the length of the drive. Diaz Group has done everything from low voltage lighting to holiday accents, which help to establish a happy atmosphere. Holiday decor reminds the customer that you’re paying attention to the details, and it shows a willingness to put a little extra shine on things.

4. Does It Help Navigate?

An important logistic feature of excellent landscape design is how it affects traffic flow. Lining paths with low wall features is an attractive way to help to direct people. Planting rows of shrubs or trees can act as a beautiful alternative. Some distinguishing solid features at the entrance to the drive can act as a powerful marker. A pair of brick columns or a black cherry tree can communicate a welcoming attitude in very different ways. 

Reach out to the Diaz Group team today! We can help you realize your landscape vision by tailoring our work to your particular preferences.