Three Questions with Ruben Diaz Jr, Co-Founding Principal

You were born into a landscaping family and began learning the trade when you were quite young. Did you ever consider doing something else before starting Diaz Group LLC with your dad and brother?

When I was in high school, I wanted to be an Architect. I soon realized, however, that I was really bad at drawing and didn’t have the best taste in design. After a bit of self-searching, I knew that entrepreneurship was my way. Here’s a fun fact: Even though Ralph and I literally grew up in landscaping, our shared dream was always snow removal. Landscaping just came with the package.

You are an avid reader and learner, known to share sometimes profound insights on a variety of topics. Did this come naturally to you or is it something you worked on as you got older? 

I am not an avid reader in the conventional sense. I listen to audiobooks, especially self improvement books. A Course in Miracles is my favorite. I’m always striving to achieve a higher level of inner peace. What I am is an avid learner. I learn from everything in life. One of the areas where I have found to have the most impact in my life is relationships. We have so much to learn from one another and it is so easy to attain. We just have to listen to each other. Hearing stories and seeing the perspectives of other people is one of the most rewarding things I do.

You are in excellent physical shape. What is your weekly fitness routine like? 

I wouldn’t say I am in excellent shape. But I do try to stay as fit and as physically active as I can. Doing so definitely affects me, i.e. with my mood and the way I feel about myself. We have to take care of our bodies just as we take care of our minds. I usually try to work out 3 times per week. But since I travel quite a lot, it becomes a little hard sometimes.