A Friendly Introduction

About Us

Diaz Group is a different kind of company.

We are a family-owned, professional grounds management company, committed to providing our clients with beautiful properties and peace of mind.  With over 30 years of experience, completing projects on target, within budget, and to our customers’ specifications is only the starting point.  It is what we do, and do extremely well.

What we are is so much more.

We are driven by our values: family, community, people, and systems.  Our family is at the core, and it includes not only those of us connected by blood but all of us connected by purpose.  Our employees, partner companies, and customers all become extensions of our family because of our shared values.

The community is intertwined with our family.  The community gives us the people who drive our company, and we give to the community to help it prosper.  Providing opportunities to work, learn, and grow together makes us all stronger.
We focus on people, because doing so ensures success for all of us: families, community, customers. We lead by example: treating each other with respect, scheduling work shifts to ensure employees have time to spend with their families, and giving people opportunities to learn, grow, and thrive within the company.  If we tend to people primarily, everything else becomes better as a result.

Our systems provide the connective threads that tie all of the other pieces together. They give structure to our business today, and support as we grow and extend our company to welcome new employees, new relationships, new clients, and new markets.
Our focus on values makes our work different, too.  Our employees stay with us because they know we are committed to them, and that is reflected in their focus on the customer.  As a result, Diaz Group’s personal care, attention to detail, and responsiveness have led to customer retention rates that far exceed the industry average.
Come and join the Diaz Group family.