Meet the Team

Ruben Diaz Sr. is not one of the three founders of Diaz Group LLC. He not only helped establish the culture and values that separate our organization from the others but also provided the vision and inspiration that caused our company to be formed in the first place. With 35-plus years of experience in the horticultural field and his keen ability to motivate employees, Ruben has helped the family business grow while maintaining the highest standards of quality workmanship. His passion is to interact with customers and to guide employees in their path to success.

Ruben Diaz Sr.
Executive Board Member

Rafael Diaz is one of the three founders and a key member of Diaz Group LLC. With over 20 years of experience in the field, he has built the company from a four-employee operation to a household name in the industry. Rafael is a lifelong learner who never tires in his thirst for knowledge. In addition to his formal education, Rafael has successfully completed the Dale Carnegie Course and the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses entrepreneurship program. Horticulture is a way of life for Rafael, with most of his knowledge coming from hands-on experience and his multiple years of landscape management studies from one of the best horticultural schools in the Chicagoland area. He is a detail-oriented individual who pursues one project at a time to ensure complete satisfaction from his clients.

Rafael Diaz

Ruben Diaz Jr. is one of the three founders of Diaz Group LLC. He possesses extensive education in business and landscape management from Northeastern Illinois University and Joliet Junior College. His knowledge of the trade has played a key role in the company’s expansion. Ruben’s role in the company is to strategically grow and maintain strong business relationships. His passion is the company’s extensive snow removal service offering, which has grown from a small one-truck operation to one of the top snow and ice control providers in the Chicagoland area.

Ruben Diaz Jr.
Vice President - Business Developement

Gil Resendiz came to the company first as a consultant and now as member of the executive team, bringing decades of hands-on experience in leadership, strategic management, and business development. He assists in the design and implementation of business strategies that ensure success and growth for the long term. By aligning the right people with our mission, vision, and values, he ensures that Diaz Group’s winning culture will continue to thrive. Gil’s passion lies in developing individuals personally and professionally to achieve maximum performance and effectiveness.

Gil Resendiz
Human Capital Development Executive

Michael D’Aversa joined Diaz Group in 2018 after having spent eight years working with the Diaz Group team for a client company. Michael’s background includes 20 years in the facilities maintenance, snow and ice management, and green industries. His expertise includes strategic management, marketing, and communications as well as training and development, writing, and public speaking. Michael manages the flow of relevant information among internal stakeholders and to external target audiences. He is passionate about personal, professional, and organizational development and works closely with the owners and executives of Diaz Group.

Michael D'Aversa
Corporate Communications

Antonio Diaz has been a part of the Diaz Group team since its beginning in 2007.He has spent most of his career in landscape and hardscape installations and became an Installation Supervisor in 2017. In early 2019, Tony was promoted to his current role as Production Manager. He is passionate about team building and continually strives to develop and grow with his team as they continue working together.

Antonio Diaz
Director of Operations

Preeti Amin joined the Diaz Group team in 2017, bringing with her over 20 years of accounting expertise. She has worked in the facilities service industry for the past five years. Preeti manages the full cycle accounting for Diaz Group and also manages all client service data over the term of each service agreement. She creates and maintains plan documentations of finance and sales  to ensure contract execution and renewal. Her passion aligns well with her expertise in data accuracy, process improvement, and time/priority management.

Preeti Amin
Accounting Manager and Client Manager

Enrique Cahue became our newest Landscape Designer / Consultant in early 2019. While working in the civil construction sector, Enrique dove into gardening and became a Certified Master Gardener and Urban Farmer through the University of Illinois Extension Program. Enrique has kept his knowledge and skills honed by attending numerous classes with the Chicago Botanical Garden as well as other workshops and seminars around the Chicago area.

Enrique Cahue
Sales Manager

Juan Gutierrez already possessed substantial green industry experience when he joined Diaz Group in 2016. Having been involved in landscaping since he came to the United States from Arandas, Jalisco in Mexico, over twenty years ago, Juan applies and shares his expertise daily as our Production Manager. Having deep experience as a Production Supervisor, he demonstrates a great deal of compassion for both his Production team and his Diaz Group customers. His passion for quality and deep knowledge of the trade make Juan a valuable resource for the department he now manages as well as for the company at large. While he truly enjoys doing his job as perfectly as possible, Juan also enjoys spending time with his family, taking them to racetracks and car shows as well as on camping, hunting, and fishing trips.

Juan Gutierrez
Production Manager

Edgar Salazar moved to Chicago from Venezuela in 2014 to learn English and gain new experiences. He has been a member of the Diaz Group team since 2016, learning our industry from the ground up, beginning as a laborer and growing into his existing position as Facilities Manager. He previously worked as an industrial engineer with experience in new system development and process standardization. As the Facilities Manager for Diaz Group, Edgar uses his experience and expertise not only to oversee the repair and maintenance of our facility locations but also manages the sourcing, acquisition, preventive and routine maintenance of all equipment and vehicles for Diaz Group and ensures that our repair and maintenance shop’s work flow and processes are efficient and effective, minimizing down time for our production crews.

Facilities Manager
Christopher Fernandez
Account Manager
Daniel Gonzalez
Vendor Partner Account Manager
Melisa Perez
Jennifer Crump
Account Manager
Social Media / Systems Development
Armando Leon
Production Supervisor
Angel Arauz
Supervisor / Recruiter
Daisy Zarate
Production Supervisor
Gabriela Medina
Sales Support Specialist
Anthony Cassidy
Regional Director
Esteban Hernandez
Ezequiel Cazares Alcantar