What makes Diaz Group?

Our Mission

Diaz Group delivers Professional Grounds Maintenance products and services at a level that gives customers peace of mind. We grow and connect communities by adhering to our values, helping our people grow as individuals, and helping other businesses grow. We provide customers the best, easiest, and simplest solution for their needs. We provide honest and reliable work and strive to maintain a high standard of satisfaction. We create a long-lasting, family-like relationships with every new customer because their loyalty drives us to improve our company for their needs. The Diaz Group strives to provide accountability and a family-first way of conducting business that will not be found anywhere else.

Our Vision

The Diaz Group’s vision is to build people, connect communities, and impact families across the country by being a top-ranked national grounds management provider for our customers. We will expand to meet new clients in new markets with new technology in the Chicagoland area and beyond. Furthermore, we will continue to honor the familial care afforded our customers and the learning culture that encourages our employees to succeed personally.

Our Values






Students Always
Utilizing Global Resources to Provide Local Value