Our businesses are truly the backbone of our wards and our neighborhoods. I can’t tell you how much of an impact the Diaz Group has made in backyards. On 51st Street, to take an acre of land and now it is the home of dozens and dozens of families. Not only are they making a difference in others lives but right in our neighborhood. I am extremely blessed to have the Diaz Brothers in our community, they are making the change we want to see. These are people of color that make an impact and true difference in our neighborhoods.

The sky is the limit!

Stephanie D. Coleman
Alderman, 16th Ward

We have known Diaz Group for so many years, it’s like a family. Every time we call, they are here. We get compliments from all of our clients, especially those who first tour in the winter and then come and see it all in bloom, you can see their eyes light up. Diaz Group makes it a priority to work with us around our events schedule to ensure that whatever windows we have available for work, they are here and get everything done before our next event.

We would highly recommend the Diaz Group.

Galleria Marchetti
Event Venu