Diaz Group Professional Grounds Management Company Expands Geographic Footprint, Menu of Services, and Client Relations Infrastructure

Growing minority business enterprise continues evolving to better serve an expanding client base

ELMHURST, ILLINOIS – Diaz Group LLC, a family-owned business providing professional grounds management services to retail, commercial, industrial, and institutional clients, is pleased to announce the launch of its expanded operations on three fronts: its geographic service footprint, the mix of services provided, and an entirely new level of customer service. “This is a perfectly logical step that will allow us to meet the growing demand for our services and for our way of doing business while remaining true to our mission and core values,” said company president Rafael Diaz. “Our leadership team has been working on this for a few years now, as part of our strategic plan, and it’s exciting to see things coming to fruition.”

This new initiative has been moving forward under the guidance of Diaz Group’s Regional Director, Anthony Cassidy. “We began building the infrastructure for all of this last year,” said Cassidy. “We knew that delivering substantially more services to substantially more properties would require human and technological resources well beyond those we had at the time.”

And so it began, literally, from the inside out. Diaz Group has been regularly adding to its account management staff, which in turn necessitated remodeling the company’s headquarters in Elmhurst, Illinois to allow for more workspaces and an abundance of communications and information technology infrastructure, as well as adding another fully-staffed sales support and customer call center, providing redundant 24/7 customer service from two different Diaz group facilities. “This isn’t about doing the same things on a grander scale,” notes Cassidy. “This is about growing the depth and breadth of the Diaz Group customer experience.”

Diaz Group’s original customer footprint occupied a portion of the city of Chicago, based on the size of their workforce and the direct provider business model in use at the time. As demand for Diaz Group’s services grew well beyond the confines of that original footprint, the company had to rethink its original business model. “It’s a funny thing, people didn’t just like our service; they liked our way of doing things,” said Rafael. “So, we had to figure out a way to find other like-minded contractors who could help us deliver that. If we just used ordinary subcontractors, our model wouldn’t work. So instead, we went looking for vendor partners. It’s a whole different mindset.”

By combining the win-win concept of vendor partner relationships with their enhanced account management strategy, Diaz Group has made it possible to bring their signature familial care to a broader client base. Furthermore, with the additional expertise in specific trades brought by the vendor partners as well as by new in-house management staff, Diaz Group is able to expand its menu of exterior facilities repair and maintenance services, further solidifying its position in professional grounds management.

“When we do one thing particularly well for a customer, relieving a pain point so to speak, they inevitably ask us for more help with something else,” concluded Cassidy. “Being who we are, we could never say yes without having at least some expertise to back it up. Now we’ve acquired the expertise to repair and maintain pavement, walks, walls, and more. This is a great time to be a Diaz Group client.”

About Diaz Group, LLC

 Diaz Group LLC, an MBE and DBE-certified business, was founded in November 2006 by Ruben Diaz Sr, Rafael Diaz, and Ruben Diaz Jr on Chicago’s north side. The company expanded to a much larger facility in the city’s Back of the Yards neighborhood in 2016. Diaz Group LLC is one of the leaders in professional grounds management for the Chicagoland area with decades of collective experience, and a group of leaders & staff members educated in their respective trades. The company has seen year-over-year growth in its 15 years by providing peace of mind to its customers through unparalleled service in Landscape Development, Landscape Management, Snow and Ice Management, and more. For more information, please visit https://diazgroupllc.com