Commercial Landscaping Trends: What’s In and What’s Out in 2024

commercial landscaping

The US landscaping market is growing substantially, and most of that market is commercial. Like all markets, landscaping fluctuates in its own way. Different trends come and go, and knowing how to adapt can mean the difference between staying ahead and getting left behind.

How is the commercial landscape business looking now, though? What changes can the average businessperson expect in the coming months? How different will 2024 be from 2023? The answer is complicated because many factors play into landscaping. We’ll discuss a few of these factors and how they affect landscaping trends here.

Spring Days

We’re in the middle of winter now, but winter can’t last forever. Spring will soon be here, and that officially begins the landscaping year.

During spring, many of the commercial landscaping trends revolve around plants. The plants you use and how you use them will define your landscaping style moving forward.

The biggest current trend is sustainable landscaping. Consumers around the world are much more concerned with sustainability than in years previous. Growing local plants and raising them organically will help show your customers that you’re committed to the goal of sustainability.

Go Big

Sustainable, low-maintenance landscaping doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it. Standing out is an essential part of business.

If you want to make your lawn stand out, try taking inspiration from natural features, like waterfalls or boulders. You could also add a firepit or solar lights. A bird bath or feeder might attract local wildlife.

Choose a Theme Early

There’s nothing wrong with an eclectic landscape, but if you want to have a theme, you need to commit. Vertical gardening is a popular theme in urban areas, for example. Others have embraced the idea of edible gardens, while others have planted “goth gardens” full of dark colored plants.

Changing your theme part-way is jarring and can turn people off, especially if the themes are very different. Mixing a few themes together might work if you can blend them seamlessly.

Be Open to Repair Work

There’s a reason landscaping works best in the spring. Despite being the season of growth, much of your spring landscaping might involve repairs. Planning ahead goes a long way. Protecting plants from the cold, utilizing drought-tolerant design, and using low-energy lights can do a lot for your plants and those who admire them.

Even if you don’t plan ahead, your garden isn’t gone. You need to do some recovery work before thinking about landscaping trends.

Commercial Landscape Trends and What to Know About Them

Commercial landscape design is a business asset, so it’s important to get it right. We’ve offered some suggestions here, but there’s always more to learn. Bringing in experts doesn’t hurt, either. Diaz Group is a family company, and we’ve been in this business for thirty years. We know what we’re talking about.

You can learn more about landscaping by reading our blog. You can read about our company in particular, so you know what we bring to the table. We won’t disappoint.