5 Tips for Snow and Cold Safety this Winter

A Collaboration between Milhouse Services LLC and Diaz Group LLC

It is officially time to begin preparing for the snow season! It’s imperative to be proactive in prioritizing your safety and the safety of those around you by preparing for the challenges that come along with the winter months. We have put together five tips that can help you to prepare your family, friends, place of business, or residence for the snow season.

Invest in a snow and grounds management provider that you trust

Ensuring the safety of your employees and clients is critical throughout the winter months. The best way to do so is to invest in a snow management company that is well-matched to your specific needs and that you trust to put community safety first. A trustworthy partner will include hand labor for clearing walkways, stairs, and hard to reach areas, on top of snow removal, salting/de-icing, plowing, and budget planning. You want to find a reliable, genuine, and cost-effective solution that adds value to your business with relevant experience, palpable enthusiasm, and genuine concern for you and your team members.

Prepare your property

Conduct a thorough preseason walk-through of your property with your snow and ice management company. Identify and document approved locations for snow placement and any areas that may require extra attention, such as inclined surfaces, low spots, downspouts and drains. Finally, identify and document all existing property damage so that new damage will be easier to confirm.

Entryways, curbs, hydrants and ground obstacles, all of which are obvious during the warm season, can be trickier to identify under a blanket of snow. For both driver safety and damage prevention, all areas to be plowed should be adequately staked or marked by your service provider prior to the first snowfall.

Prepare your vehicle

If you drive a vehicle throughout the snowy months, it is very important that you winterize it. This includes following any suggested maintenance in the manual, regularly checking your tires, wipers, lights, fluid levels, brakes, etc., and having an emergency kit stored in your vehicle. Along with basic maintenance, snow tires can be a key investment to make as they improve traction, handling, and control when temperatures drop.

Basic driving tips in the snow/ice:

Always give yourself plenty of extra time to arrive at your destination. Having more time will decrease the likelihood of rushing or speeding in unsafe weather conditions.

Always keep at least half a tank of fuel in your vehicle.

Drive very slowly! Accelerate and decelerate slowly and give yourself extra time when stopping at a stoplight or stop sign.

Be wary on hills – avoid stopping on significant inclines and don’t power up quickly! This could cause your wheels to spin.

Invest in winter attire – especially if you work outside!

Layering is key in the winter months! Equip yourself for the possibility of having to spend substantial time out in the elements. Experts recommend that you wear loose fitting, warm clothing in several layers, as the trapped air between those layers provides added insulation from the cold.

Here are some safety and winter attire tips for when working outside:

Wear quality warm clothing in layers – examples include thermal undergarments, insulated pants, coats, and overalls.

Choose properly sized gloves that will protect your hands from the elements. A good material is lined leather, as it is helpful in blocking wind, but still allows you to move your hands.

Keeping your feet and head covered and dry is very important! Wear insulated and water-resistant boots.

Try to keep moving – doing jumping jacks or stretching can help you stay warm during any downtime.

When feasible, take periodic breaks in warm, dry areas.

Know and share the symptoms of frostbite and take corrective action as early as possible to prevent permanent tissue damage.

Working in pairs can ensure that no one on the team is experiencing cold stress. Keeping an eye on your team members for intense shivering and confusion is a way to prevent hypothermia.

Always be prepared!

From having emergency kits in your vehicle and home, to monitoring weather reports, to having caution signs on hand for unsafe conditions, it is important to always be prepared during the winter months.

According to the State of Illinois, the state normally experiences five severe winter storms per year. This is on top of the average of 39 inches of snowfall that the Chicagoland area sees each year. With a winter season that lasts from December to March, it is important to keep safety at the top of mind in our day to day lives. For more safety tips, you can visit this State of Illinois resource.

You must always be alert if you are living in an area with intense weather months. Hiring a snow and grounds management company such as Milhouse Services, LLC and Diaz Group LLC can help you to ensure safety and to take the correct precautions for your property. If you depend on Milhouse Services, LLC, your lots, walkways, and entrances will be plowed and treated to ensure the comfort and safety of your customers and staff, before doors even open. A proud strategic partner of Milhouse Services, Diaz Group LLC specializes in providing retail, commercial, industrial, and municipal grounds management services in the Midwest.