Winter Recovery: The Importance of a Thorough Spring Cleanup

spring cleanup

Commercial landscaping continues to be an increasingly popular investment for property managers, with the industry seeing a 5% year-on-year growth. An attractive and well-maintained landscape makes a great first impression on customers while supporting your company’s brand.

But the long, cold winter season often leaves its unsightly handprint on even the best-kept commercial grounds. That leads many business owners looking for quick relief.

Here’s a guide explaining the benefits of a spring cleanup as a critical part of your commercial landscape maintenance program.

The Onset of Spring

A snow-covered winter scene may have a dramatic and beautiful appearance. But once the snow melts and the ground starts to thaw, you will see the effects of winter on your property’s surroundings.

Dormant trees will begin to produce the buds of new growth in their own time and with the leaves of the past season already gone, the new growth will be readily apparent. Not so with dormant turfgrasses. Grass plants grow from the ground up, leaving the brown top portion of the grass blades in plain view until it gets mowed off. Trees inevitably drop sticks, and in some cases branches, over the winter. These may become unsightly if not hazardous. Some trees and shrubs may not have survived the winter and, once verified that they are not just dormant, will need to be removed and replaced.

Finally, all manner of debris, both manmade and natural, will have found its way onto the grounds during the cold winter months. All these factors together can leave a commercial property looking a little rough. Fortunately, there is a simple solution.

Spring Cleanup and Landscape Assessment

What is a spring cleanup, anyway? More than just a routine landscape maintenance visit, the spring cleanup visit is your service provider’s opportunity to get reacquainted with your commercial property grounds. Downed branches, sticks, leaves, and other debris will be cleared away. Turf will be mowed as necessary and beds may be turned over and/or re-edged.

Additionally, the service provider can take stock of any obvious winter damage that may require special services to correct. The objective of a good spring cleanup is to have the grounds ready for regular, ongoing maintenance visits during the new growing season.

Enjoy A Grand Entrance to Spring

First impressions count. So, you want to impress customers when they arrive on-site at your commercial property. A professional landscape maintenance program is a sound way to ensure that your property’s exterior grounds are kept up to brand. A thorough spring cleanup is the starting point of a quality program. Are you ready for spring? We are. Get in touch with our team here; discover how we can help your commercial property landscape flourish.